The Basement Bookers

An entertaining journey down the road of pro wrestling as seen through the eyes of two best friends of twenty years, and the occasional peek into their wacky lives...or something like that. Wrestling made them friends; lifelong ball-busting made them family.

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Episode 449: Extreme Rules 2022 Picks

Updated 4 months ago.

Extreme Rules is here and so the time for the defense of the basement championship is also here! Who else is excited about some white Rabbit?

This week's episode begins with a little bit of sadness, Jer thought it wouldn't be right if we didn't address it as best we could because of the message at the end of every episode. The match of life is scheduled for one fall and you should make it count. We think Sara did just that. We have permission from the tribal chief so it's ok we didn't acknowledge him. Just this once.