Pod and Tears

A Blood Bowl podcast dedicated to the ps4 league Blood and Tears, and it's many great inhabitants. Topics range from securing three die blocks to british dicks. Probably not safe for work, probably not safe for home. Definitely safe for the blood bowl pitch!

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Ep15: The Man with the Plan, Hawca

Updated about 4 hours ago.

In which our intrepid heroes buy a pack of B&T CCG cards and unwrap a LEGENDARY FOIL HAWCA! After last week, the lack of a shimmering veiny monster clearly ADDS to the value of this card, though a foil cock card may actually be interestin... I'm getting off topic.

Hawca teaches us how to build a plan for your turn, talks a bit out World Cup, and skillfully dodges the question about what his plan would be if he were going to take over the world. Because, obviously, he can't us that and expect to still DO it.