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Ep 393 - Strategic Voting - 06/28/2021

Updated 3 months ago.

Holy moly! The WHOLE HUGE Crew is back on board this week! You better find some place comfortable to sit, cause this is gonna be a long podcast! (people sit down to listen to podcast right? Nobody walks around and listens to them, right? I heard once that people lay down to listen to podcasts, that sounds weird...)

ANYWAYS! Here's what you can expect to hear about this week on the podcast:

Bo Burnham: Inside
The Conjuring 3
D&D Dark Alliance
Subnautica: Below Zero
RX3070 cards
Occulist Quests stink like smoke
Metroid Fusion
Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
And more!

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Beer featured this week: Armed 'N Citra by Rainhard Brewing, Fathom Double IPA by Nine Locks Brewing Co., Knock Out by Rough Waters Brewing Company.