Election Integrity

Brad Friedman of Brad Blog and Emily Levy of Velvet Revolution reported on the April 5 Wisconsin Supreme Court election and subsequent recount, and Emily asked for volunteers to help in the effort to challenge the election and the recall. Brad Friedman: The recount of the election for Wisconsin Supreme Court seat between Joanne Kloppenburg and incumbent David Prosser has ended with Prosser said to be some 7000 votes ahead. Kloppenburg has until Monday, May 30 to challenge recount, and to be successful, would have to show that at least half that number should be removed due to irregularities. The hard-fought, closely watched election and recount revealed a fatally flawed election system in Wisconsin, with poor procedures, a broken chain of custody for ballots, and apparently incompetent election officials from top to bottom. It's up to Kloppenburg whether she wants to pursue the challenge, and Velvet Revolution and others have been trying to convince her to do it - if not for her own election, then to draw attention and energy towards election reform in Wisconsin. With vital recall elections coming up for Republican henchman of Scott Walker, it's imperative that citizens get on the case. Emily Levy: Emily is asking for about 30 volunteers to read the official "minutes" of the recount in Wisconsin's 72 counties and record irregularities into an online spreadsheet in order to make the case for the challenge. We'll see what we can do. We took a quick moment to mention the multi-state Republican voter suppression campaign of passing bills in state legislatures to require voters to provide photo ID at the polls, etc. - also reported at Brad Blog. For more info http://www.bradblog.com/?p=8531 Velvet Revolution - temporarily parked at http://www.protectourelections.org/ while http://velvetrevolution.us/ is being remodeled.

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4-14-2016 Election Protection

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Webinar with Bob Fitrakis, Mimi Kennedy and Lori Grace