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Riot Radio Show #112

Updated about 1 year ago.

Riot Radio Show #112

Scarecrow- ouroboros
Fracture- reza
AxeRash- double standard
Cereal Killer- zane’s gone away
Q- dqqr
Tozcos- lagrimas injustas
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers- no chorus
The Mark Vodka Group- you’ve got to split
Booji Boys- cody oi
Freaks- bite down
Dark Thoughts- silhouettes
Ultra Razzia- les lignes blanches
The Charley Few- anti-mob
Fatal Blow- nation of hate
The Ratz- drunk tonight
Gino and The Goons- hard way
Battalion Zośka- beer song
Riña- cuchilladas
Dead Hero- ocultando la realidad
Chained Bliss- stained red
The Cowboy- mr lamppost
Ditches- stitch me up
Negativ- spider song
Incisions- jennifer aniston
Protocol- bloodsport II
Scrap Brain- limbs in the night
Outcry- it’s a joke
C.H.E.W.- it’s a living
C.L.A.W.- maniac’s charms
SLANT- hunger
Physique- rhythm of brutality
Sonic Warhead- broken spirit
The Charts- temperature