Play the Game 2019: Athlete power on the rise

Audio recordings from the sessions at 'Play the Game 2019: Athlete power on the rise'. The conference took place in Colorado Sports, CO, USA on 13-16 October 2019.

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How to match the match-fixers

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Play the Game 2019: How to match the match-fixers

Wednesday 16 October 2019, 2.15 PM

Chair: Michael Ask

Minhyeok Tak: Match-fixing monitoring system in play: Betting, data analysis technology and its effects on sport integrity

Thomas Bach: NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark's anti-match-fixing strategy: Prevention of matchfixing is the most important

Steve Menary: Does governance of friendly club matches matter?

Severin Moritzer: Match-fixing and corruption in sport – Play Fair Code: one best-case experience

Amelia Fouques: Trabzonspor at CAS: Are sports organisations serious about match-fixing?