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Ep 51: Terminator Genysis or: Terminated, Revelations Of Genisys

Updated a long time ago.

Hello once again and welcome to another episode of BlokeBusters. We went out to see the latest in the Terminator Franchise this time. Was it worth it? How did they handle to time-travel? Which award-winning actor got totally snuck in under the radar and totally underused? You'll need to listen to find out!

Now this episode does feature some heavy discussion about time travel. And by some, we mean about 16 minutes of it. Should you wish to skip it (though why would you?), then here are the time codes you want:

Start - 21:30
End - 37:50

And once you've listened to our episode, please do contact us via:

Twitter: @Blokebusters
Facebook: .com/blokebusters

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