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Adam Chester, Artist and the Surrogate Elton John

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Adam Chester works as a professional composer, arranger, pianist and singer/songwriter. Since 2005, he’s earned the title of the “Surrogate Elton John”, working exclusively with Sir Elton and his band as Elton’s only “stand-in” on the piano and vocals for various rehearsals, sound checks and concert appearances. Adam also composes, arranges and conducts for Elton. In 2007, Adam conducted the Brooklyn Youth Chorus in concert at Madison Square Garden for Elton’s 60th Birthday Concert, and in 2013, composed and arranged the choral parts for Elton’s single, “Home Again.” Learn more at or find him on Instagram @adamchester. You can also find his music on iTunes and his book “S'Mother” on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can connect with Laura at, on Facebook @thatlaurapowers, on Twitter @thatlaurapowers, and on Instagram @laurapowers44.