Stop and Smell the Analog

Paul and Michael may not always be able to save the world, but occasionally make it a little bit better by stopping to smell the analog and sharing what brings joy to their lives! Sometimes they get a little bit deep and dive into real life problems, but they always strive to push towards the positive. Most of the time. Join them as they discuss comics, movies, music, sports, life, novels, Audible, and anything else that is in their arsenal to occasionally save the world. Smell the Analog is hosted by Paul Tesseneer and Michael Sparkman and produced by Michael Sparkman.

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Smell the Analog

Updated about 1 year ago.

This newest episode is our reboot episode. Save the World is now Smell the Analog. What does that mean? It means taking a step back and trying to appreciate things the way we used to before the digital age. Do we still talk about digital media? Of course. But it's about appreciating it the way we did back when you had to wait to go to the book store, music store, comic shop, etc. for a new release, and before you had algorithm guiding your decisions. On this episode we discuss collecting, the Uncanny X-Men, Sturgill Simpson's new album Sound & Fury, and much more. Stop and Smell the Analog? It's about being patient and enjoying the search. Contact us at Thank you for listening.