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Choochagatari 49: Koufuku Graffiti

Updated 7 months ago.

Let's eat! On this episode, the crew reviews Koufuku Graffiti. Is it a buffet worth going back for seconds on or is it Golden Corral tier disappointment? Then, the overlap between seasons lands squarely on this show, as Elvie is freed from Hentai Heroes, Rose recounts the finale of Kirito's latest adventure, and the PreCures get sick this time, leading into the new season with Higurashi, Wandering Witch, the Inuyasha sequel, and tons more!

The OP is "Shiawase ni tsuite watashi ga shitteiru itsutsu no houhou" by Maaya Sakamoto and the ED is "Taberu", both from Koufuku Graffiti.

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