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This is a podcast where 2 or more Blokes (all guests are Blokes, regardless of gender!) sit and talk about films both old and new. We can be found on: - Our website ( - Twitter (@Blokebusters) - Facebook (The BlokeBusters Podcast) - Email ( Now please do sit back, relax, Share & Enjoy!

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Ep 31: Wolf Of Wall Street or: Catch Me If You Can 2

Updated a long time ago.

Welcome to the first episode of the New Year! We decided we'd take it nice and slow and give our take on Martin Scorsese's longest movie to date. And that's because we love ya! From drug abuse to film rating systems, we let you know what we think, what we feel and (possibly) what we really, really want! So sit back, relax, grab a cup of really hot and strong tea and then Share And Enjoy!
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