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Episode Thirty Three

Updated a long time ago.

Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share
Episode: Thirty Three
Hosts: Nooner, Ramhouse, & Just Shitz

Top 6 List: Taphouse Top Taplist Draft

PDX Beer Award Results
Southern Tier pulling Oregon distribution, is this a new trend?
Are breweries making better hazy IPA’s than west coast IPA’s?
Some Instagram “Craft Beer” accounts that seem to be more about boobs
Do Hazy IPA’s have a longer shelf life than West Coast IPA’s
Why do places charge more $/oz for smaller pours
new tanks at FG
Juicy/Hazy Pale/IPA/IIPA have their own style guidelines now. Contemporary American Pils as well (it’s more hoppy)
Scientists have made a hoppy beer with no hops
Upcoming Beer Tasting Event by Marcus & Sean

Beers Drank: Crux Freakcake, Stone Totalitarian, Alesong Kind of Blue, Marcus Homebrew IPA, Chad Homebrew IPA.

Upcoming Events/News for April 2018: 21 Bailey’s UKFest, 28-29 Arch Bridge 3rd Anniversary

Go to oregoncraftbeer.org for a comprehensive calendar of beer events in the area.

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