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Join host Zack Soto—cartoonist, editor and bin crawler—for In This Issue… a podcast about formative comics reading experiences, with a focus on the single issue format. Every episode of In This Issue... finds Zack and a special guest doing a close reading of a comic book (not a graphic novel!) and havin’ a lively chat about it.

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Black Hole #1 with François Vigneault

Updated about 1 year ago.

Black Hole #1
Written, illustrated, & lettered by Charles Burns
Published 1995, Kitchen Sink Press
THE GUEST: François Vigneault

We kick things off on In This Issue... talking about our first experiences with Charles Burns' work, including a discussion of the short story where Burns first explored some of the ideas he'd later come back to in Black Hole—"Teen Plague," first published in Raw Vol.2 #1 (1989). From there, we dive into the plot/art/themes/symbolism/production design of Black Hole #1. A good time!