Filmily Fortunes

Finally, a film quiz to sort out which movie podcast knows their Tarantino's from their Rodriguez, their Hughes from their Crowe and so on! We are a podcast where other film/movie podcasts come on to battle it out, 1-on-1, in a knockout style tournament. Who will win? You'll need to listen in to find out!

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S1 Bonus: A Look Back At Season 1

Updated a long time ago.

Howdy there, one and all. This is a special episode for you where Paul and fellow co-creator Paul get together to talk about Filmily Fortunes. How did it start? Who ultimately calls the shots around here? Who's to blame if you don't like it? Is the scoring system just made up as they go along? At least 1 of these questions will be answered by the end of this retrospective episode. So sit back, relax and prepare for self-gratification, bad memories in action & a general happy feeling about Season 1 of this red-headed stepchild of a podcast!