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A podcast about craft beer, the video game industry, and the true meaning of friendship

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Ep 159: Funimation and Fornication

Updated 6 months ago.

The hot new Netflix and Chill that the kids are all into.

This week the gang continues being spooky, with some more thoughts on new Resident Evil 2, some *new* thoughts on old Resident Evil 7, and some eternal frustrations about anime. There's a lot of anime talk this week, actually. A degenerate amount, even.

Also: Norris wants to crush capitalism with his adorable imaginary friends, Steph wants to join a hero academy, Dave wants to get back into some good ol' Kombat, and Kelly's wondering if he wants to sing that Anthem.

Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, Steph Fan, David Beebe, Kelly Wright

Beer of the Week: Whistler Brewing's Chestnut Ale

Music by Sebastian Bender