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The Microscopists is a podcast from Bitesize Bio and ZEISS Microscopy that takes you into revealing, entertaining, and personal meetings with the great microscopists of our time. Your host is Dr Peter O’Toole. Peter will help you understand what drives great, successful scientists, what really inspires them and what they enjoy most in life. This set of candid, fun, and engaging interviews serves not only to help inspire upcoming scientists but to show how career tracks and work-life balance are managed by some of the best. Not only are they great at work, but they have some amazing stories to tell about their lives outside science. Browse all The Microscopists episodes here:

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Martin Chalfie (Columbia University)

Updated about 7 days ago.

#32 — Today’s guest on The Microscopists is none other than Martin Chalfie of Columbia University.

In this inspiring episode, we discover more about the work on the discovery and development of GFP that led to Martin sharing the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
We’ll also hear about some of the early challenges that Martin faced in his career, why he temporarily gave up on science, his various jobs before applying for grad school—including selling dresses for his parents’ manufacturing company—and his lockdown signature dish.

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