Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) is currently being developed by Jules Rochielle. The intention of this site is to create a resource for individuals, organizations, community groups and institutions that are interested in new genre arts forms and practices. It is meant to serve as a platform for a variety of social art practices.

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Interview: Anna Viola Hallberg

Updated a long time ago.

Anna Viola Hallberg graduated 2003 from the Curatorial Program, Stockholm University, Sweden. Hallberg has a B.A in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University and is a graduate of Stockholm Film School with a MA in International Museum Studies, University of Gothenburg, 2008. Writing her thesis on contemporary art in museum exhibitions outside the paradigm of the art institution. Since 2005 her work is often in the collaborate format and has been shown in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, US, Canada and Sweden.
Anna talks to us about : CityArtLab/Stadslaboratoriet Mariestad is an artist-led collective working in art and collaborative social practice, interested in the city, tactics,interventions, oral history and placemaking.

And: State of Mind