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A group of friends delve into the high and lows of Asian action cinema. Each fortnight (two weeks) we will select a movie from the stack and have a discussion, which might make no sense at all.

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Terra Formars

Updated 1 day ago.

Another day, another Takashi Miike live action adaptation of a cult manga series. This time on the AAC we "get out arse's to mars!" and check out the 2016 flick Terra Formars.

In the year 2599 a ragtag group of criminals, rogues and misfits (made up of the likes of Kane Kosugi, Takayuki Yamada and Hideaki Ito) board the ship BUGS2 to eradicate the cockroach problem on Mars. Given super DNA powers to help them fight, it's Bugs vs Man in a war for Mars!