Next Gen Nurses

Hosted by Anthony Rivera and Munir Mogannam, both recently graduated registered nurses who like to detail the new grad RN experience. Listen as they interview fellow new grads and discuss their journeys onto their passionate careers.

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NextGenNurses Podcast 001 - Live at USF 4/8/13

Updated a long time ago.

This was our first ever recording, and we did a live event at the University of San Francisco. It took a long time for this to finally come into fruition, but we finally did it. Thank you to Kelly Ieronimo, Nicole Ines, and Shaina Onnagan for being a part of the panel as well as co-host Munir Mogannam. And to Chase Smith and the USF NSA for being so awesome. Intro music provided by BITPARTY with their track called "Do It" and NextGenNurses theme provided by CLRTY with their track entitled "After Hours". Enjoy the episode. And sorry that it cuts off.