Vanessa Hall on Trust and Transformation

Vanessa Hall has been exploring, discovering, learning and teaching about trust around the world for over a decade. She has written award winning books, has spoken on stage alongside women who are changing the world, and has refocused her interest in trust to the role that women must play in restoring balance in politics, government, business, community, family and self, and in raising the next generation of trustworthy leaders. She describes herself as a traveller rather than an expert on trust, and her practical, grounded, honest, raw and compelling stories and insights are what continues to attract people from around the world who know, deep down, that we need to start playing a very different game in a very different way.

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Trust Me, Famous Words

Vanessa Hall on Trust and Transformation


Trust Me, Famous Words

Updated about 1 year ago.

Trust Me, Famous Words: I wrote this song 13 years ago, and recorded it with my younger sister, Belinda, singing the harmony (and the rap!). We called ourselves Sibling Harmony.

After a long history of broken and betrayed trust, I was feeling pretty sceptical about trust, about people who make all the promises in the world and then break them, yet I felt compelled to do something about it, to take it on somehow, own it, understand it, and help raise awareness about just how precious it is.

Around about this time, my son, Lachlan, highlighted for me that I was doing the same, breaking trust, breaking promises. I couldn't believe it at first, but it was true, and it hurt. That ignited a passion in me that has now, over these past 13 years, literally taken me around the world. I've written books, songs, training programs, have trained to varying degrees over 30,000 leaders across 17 countries in the truth about trust, have studied it theologically, have tested and measured my models for trust in multiple cultures and industries, including running a 3 year community building project that saw a transformation of a community in Western Sydney (Lalor Park).

I'm sometimes called 'The Trust Lady' - I'm not sure I like that term, it comes with a lot of pressure and expectation! What I certainly am is passionate about trust, about bringing about a greater awareness and skilling people in just what it means to trust, why we do it, what happens when we do, how to inspire, nurture and restore trust.

You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and here, with this podcast, and I’m often popping up at conferences! I look forward to meeting you one day, and hearing your story of trust.