Super Hopped-Up

A podcast about craft beer, the video game industry, and the true meaning of friendship

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Ep 146: Rad Dad Redemption

Updated 10 months ago.

We learn some new things about beer, about "footie", and about how nothing can ever stay the same on this very special episode of Super Hopped Up.

Special guest and friend of the podcast Paddy teaches us how drinking in the UK is way cooler than in Canada, Norris describes his harrowing experience trying to buy a video game, Steph invents the best new game idea ever, Mike makes us sad, and Dave and Kelly throw more fuel on their ever-growing Soul Calibur fued. The salt still burns.

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Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, David Beebe, Steph Fan, Kelly Wright, Mike Parker

Special Guest: Paddy McGill, British Beer Expert (compared to us, at least)

Beers of the Week: Timothy Taylor Landlord, Samuel Smith's Pale Ale

Music by Sebastian Bender