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VGCC Episode 392: Serial Experiments Plane

Updated 2 months ago.

We're back and we've been gaming. Join John, Solon, Maverick, and Lorelai as they run down the week in games. Lorelai's become an Final Fantasy XIV raid teacher and playing Rune Factory 5 for what little time she manages to pull herself away from Vampire Survivors. Maverick is back in the Trails of Cold Steel IV hole along with the classic Gitaroo Man. Solon's played just about every Namco/Bandai game and Ghost Trick while John got himself an XBOXOne and 100%'d Kirby and the Forgotten Land

In the news we talk about labor complaints against Nintendo as well as the Raven Software unionization news. Final Fantasy XIV is having a housing crisis, Digimon Survive actually has a release date and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 actually got moved up.

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