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Riot Radio Show #116

Updated 6 months ago.

Riot Radio Show #116

PCP & The Knives- you’re x’d
Huiabella Fantastica- 2020
C.H.E.W.- baby don’t fear the reaper
Dollhouse- eating angels
Impalers- nazi burning man
Force Majeure- encore debout
Abuse- no escape
White Stains- torture chamber
Bootlicker- uniforms
AxeRash- nice things
Purple-X- freak nature
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers- blasted health
Cement Shoes- smashed on glass
Antibodies- suck wank freak
Scarecrow- too little, too late
C.L.A.W.- trick or treat
Battalion Zośka- once again
The Charley Few- otto
Benton Arme- crucitié
Ditches- don’t care
Invalid- mask
Physique- when all hope is lost
Man Eaters- man eaters
Tozcos- agusto en miseria
Ultra Razzia- perte totale
The Mark Vodka Group- i just have to get her off my mind
Sonic Warhead- burning fight
Junta- moralens forfald
Scrap Brain- die terf scum
Cereal Killer- track 1
Anticitizen- profit war
Dark Thoughts- watch you walk
Dipers- dipocalypse
Booji Boys- honeyboy