Conversations from the Edge

When Vanessa Hall and Michael Collins get together and start tossing around some ideas, whether that's how to tackle some of the big issues facing a number of industries today, the challenges of AI and what it means to be human, or how to get unstuck and get moving towards your purpose, you can be sure it is both interesting and transformative. Vanessa sees the world through the lens of trust and helps identify and close the congruency gaps we all have. Michael creates ways for people to experience new perspectives to get them out of their heads and into deep transformation. Together, they like to come alongside people on their personal, professional and life journey, and 'Conversations from the Edge' is a sharing of the thinking, observations and experiences, and some of the people, they enjoy along the way.

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Stuck and Unstuck

Updated 3 months ago.

What happens when we get stuck - in our heads, in our jobs, relationships, wherever we are. We all get stuck at times. The only way to get unstuck is to move, shift, change perspectives. Vanessa and Michael chat about ways to get unstuck in this episode of Conversations from the Edge.