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The Tally Ho - The Prisoner episode 3: A, B, and C

Updated about 1 year ago.

The Tally Ho welcomes you to The Village as we continue our journey through classic TV series The Prisoner. In this episode we look at A, B, and C, the third episode of The Prisoner. Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) is the subject of a strange experiment overseen by Number 2 (Colin Gordon). In an attempt by The Village to discover the motivations behind his resignation, he is plunged into a dream world populated with figures from his past, induced by an untested drug developed by Number 14 (Sheila Allen). Join us as we discuss the episode, take a few detours into Chock-a-block and an episode of 1969's Counterstrike titled Nocturne, which writer Anthony Skene re-purposed from his own The Prisoner script.

We are also joined by broadcaster and Big Finish sound designer Iain Meadows who tells us why A, B, and C is one of his favourite episodes of The Prisoner.

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