New Moon Abundance Cheque Meditations

Join Margaret Gill for beautiful New Moon Abundance Cheque Meditations designed to help you integrate and enhance the natural energies available to us to tap into each new moon to help bring more abundance of every kind to your life. You can sign up for New Moon Abundance Cheques here:

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Abundance Cheques - Taurus New Moon Meditation with Margaret Gil

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Taurus New Moon Meditation

Taurus is the sign of the 2nd house: Possessions and feelings, your money, nurturance

When it is a Taurus New Moon it's a good time for:

o Grounded persistence
o Gratitude and contentment
o Relationship to nature
o Issues of dependability
o Concepts of abundance/security

Taurus is represented by The Bull and ruled by Venus energy.

Venus is the planet of beauty and grace – art, music and harmony.
A good time to be sensual, sing or speak and make grounded progress. We are asked to develop love and creative imagination.

Source: Cathy Towle, Intuitive Astrologer, 2011