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Starlight Car 07: Glitchhikers with Silverstring Media

Updated 6 months ago.

The Starlight Express will always roll around and the Starlight Car will always open its doors to anyone who needs a ride. Conductors Walker & Solon host an exclusive interview with Silverstring Media‘s Claris Cyarron (@Cyarron) and Lucas Johnson (@lucasjwjohnson), who are about to put the finishing touches on Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between, the sequel to the acclaimed arthouse game Glitchhikers: The First Drive (2014), now seven years in the making. Together, we go back through all seven years of this production process to talk about how making games is different now than it was during the last decade as well as how a team like Silverstring stays on the cutting edge of expression and art. After the interview we also get the honor of playing the newest single from Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between’s soundtrack that has never been heard before. Strange Passenger by Devin Vibert can be found at

May this discussion be a small monument to what we can accomplish when we allow ourselves time and faith.

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