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Candid conversations with the big hitters of flow cytometry presented by Dr Peter O'Toole. Brought to you by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and Bitesize Bio. Flow Stars is a podcast from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and Bitesize Bio that interviews some big hitters in the flow cytometry world. Your host is Dr Peter O'Toole (University of York), an engaging and energic personality who knows how to throw a few curveballs to keep his guest on their toes. This series takes us through the highs and lows of life in flow cytometry, looking back at guests' careers and forward to the future of this technology. Whether you already have your feet firmly in the field or are just cheering from the side lines, each episode entertains, informs, and inspires in equal measure. https://bitesizebio.com/flowstars

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Flow Stars featuring Andrea Holme

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#3 — Season 3. Andrea Holme is Head of the Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre at the University of Aberdeen.

In this episode of Flow Stars, Andrea joins Peter O'Toole to discuss how she was able to use her passion for traveling to her advantage during her varied scientific career. We also chat about the key differences between industry and academia, why she thinks it's important to be involved in different scientific societies, and about some of her pet hates and hobbies.

Watch or listen to all episodes of Flow Stars here: https://bitesizebio.com/flowstars/

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