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We are Mike Lock, CraigMakk, and Reese, three blowhards who make enough money to blow some on good beer and every videogame, gadget and tech-trash that we see....join us as we talk about all of it and more. You might be offended, but certainly not disappointed.

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BCP Episode 44 Part One - Better Than Ever's a Stretch

Updated a long time ago.

Welcome back to the BARCODEPODCAST!! Mike Lock & CraigMakk are dusting off the mics, firing up the ol' mixer, and ready to get back in the saddle for you! They even did some serious research to make it sound legit: in this episode, they break down the history of video games and consoles, and rate some of their favorite from each generation. They went so long, production had to split it into two parts. Which means you'll actually get another episode in less than two years...we think. Whatever, enjoy this while you have it! Grab a cold one, because we think the boys will teach you a thing or two about a thing or two. Plus you'll learn a little about what they've been up to in the interim ! Brought to you by our friends at Broken Goblet Brewery