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Breaking the Rules with Pilar Alessandra

Updated 11 months ago.

Pilar Alessandra is the director of the screenwriting and TV writing program On the Page®, host of the popular On the Page Podcast and author of the top-selling book “The Coffee Break Screenwriter.” She started her career as Senior Story Analyst at DreamWorks SKG and, in 2001, opened the On the Page Writers’ Studio in Los Angeles where she directs her screenwriting and TV writing program On the Page®. Her students and clients have written for The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Family Guy. They’ve sold features and pitches to Warner Bros, DreamWorks, Disney and Sony and have won the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Screenwriting Competition and Warner Bros. TV Writing Workshop. In addition to her private classes taught out of the On the Page Writers’ Studio, Pilar has trained writers at ABC, Disney Animation, CBS and hosted the 2016 Pitch Conference at the American Film Market. Learn more about Pilar’s work at www.onthepage.tv You can connect with Laura at www.laurapowers.net, on Facebook @thatlaurapowers, on Twitter @thatlaurapowers, and on Instagram @laurapowers44.