Women of Color in STEM Seminars

The Women of Color STEM Conference seminar series consist of in-depth professional development seminars and workshops. Topics covered in this solution packed seminar series include: leadership, management, work life balance, and career development. All seminars are moderated by subject matter experts.

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NBA Vice President on Designing Motivational Speeches

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SEMINAR: Designing Motivational Speeches: Use Personal Stories to Inspire Greatness

True greatness is seen in the ability to convince others they, too, are great! Your
experiences and stories of triumph are your most useful tool to make a difference
in your professional and personal world. The essence of great leadership is finding
ways to bring life to your vision. Learn to articulate your story and others will be
motivated to move quickly toward a call of action. This skill is the essence of
honing your personal power to impact others.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

A. Identify elements of a motivational speeches
B. Design and share your Personal Story
C. Use vocal techniques and strategies that make an impact
D. Learn how to adapt your speaking style

Cheryl Partee, Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Ronald Johnson, Senior Vice President, Referee Operations NBA