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VGCC Episode 378: PVPilled

Updated 8 months ago.

It's a no guest double host episode with Solon and Spencer! Spencer has been catching up with Halo and gives us a historical perspective on it. Solon takes us through the puzzles in unpacking. And we discuss the practice of ongoing games with Destiny 2. We get a look into NEO: The World Ends With You and Solon is forced to pick a side in the great Hot Wheels Unleashed versus Forza Horizon 5 war. Plus some fun at the expense of New World's troubled launch. League of Legends is airing a tv show on netflix. Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has been delayed, there's a Devil May Cry anime coming out, there is Resident Evil Village DLC incoming, and Ubisoft and EA have decided to throw all their lot with the blockchain.

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