Good Morning Grandmas

Some say 7:30 AM on Mondays is an unreasonable hour to meet, but co-hosts Danielle Carroll and Karen Frances are wide awake! Join these introverts who live in “the city that never” on a chuckle-inducing frolic through the important things in life: fame, fortune, and breakfast sandwiches. Guests on the show are required to meet them at 7:30 AM. It’s GOOD MORNING GRANDMAS! New episodes Wednesdays mornings.

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Episode 7- I've Been Sitting In My Closet

Updated a long time ago.

The GMGs are back to get sentimental and cheesy (they mean the same thing) and check-in on their souls. Danielle talks book narration and eating chicken hearts, which vegetarian Karen balks at. Later, they toast to fashion before some turtleneck and tapestry talk...