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Ali Khan - A Journey Through Time in the Ophthalmic Industry

Updated about 1 year ago.

Interview with Ali Khan, the founder and CEO of the Academy of Ophthalmic Education, Forrest Lecturer at Ryerson University, Seneca College, and Georgian College, Special Faculty at the University of Toronto Department of Ophthalmology, President of Optical Express and the mind behind the first ever optical franchise business, and past president of the College of Opticians of Ontario.

We discuss Ali's journey from the day he landed in Canada from India, and started from the bottom of the optical industry and eventually climbed to the top where he helped shape many of the programs and regulations we have today. Ali's career path mirrors the progression of the fields of opticianry and optometry, and reminds us how much the field can change in short periods of time.

We end our discussion with a look ahead at what Ali and the AOE have in store for us, including the launch of AOE's very own online CE platform for US and Canadian ODs (free for students), a COVD approved 100 hour Vision Therapy course, destination CE in the Bahamas, and plans for the 2020 University Hospital Network Eyeball.

You can learn more about the AOE and upcoming events here, currently highlighting:

- 2020 CE Jan 23-25 in Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas featuring Dr. Whitney Hauser, Dr. Scott Schacter, Dr. Andrew Morgenstern, Dr. Alan Glazier, Dr. Patrick Quiad and Dr. Curt Baxstrom
- Fall of 2019 AOE Online COPE approved CE platform