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VGCC Episode 353: Gabe Newell's Yoga Balls

Updated about 1 year ago.

John is back and he and Rose are here to talk about what they've been playing this week and it's been a lot. John's been rocking through Disco Elysium: Final Cut, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, and Team Ladybug's Record of the Lodoss War: Deedlit's Wonder Labyrinth. Meanwhile, Rose has been playing her way through a huge library of games with the Undertale/Deltarune Duology, the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, Loop Hero and Dorf Romantik as well as Monster Hunter: Rise.

They talk about all this weeks important news with Timespliters 2 being in Homefront, the Another Eden gatcha having kernel level anti-cheat garbage, the new The World Ends With You media empire being on the Epic Games Store. The crew also go into Twitch's new off stream conduct policies, Sony's obsession with The Last of Us and Naughty Dog properties, and most importantly, Gabe Newell's life being lived sitting on a yoga ball.

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