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We interview REAL people in West Chester, Pennsylvania that are making big changes to their health and fitness. Learn what regular people are doing to lose weight, get stronger and improve their health!

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Creating REAL Changes In Behavior with Andy McCloy

Updated about 1 year ago.

When it comes to Fat Loss, It's simple enough to get tactics and training tips but the real magic happens when you apply principals of human psychology and behavior change.

Andy McCloy is one of the top Sports Performance and Fitness professionals in the United States having helped countless people achieve elite levels of performance from professional athletes all the way to 70 years old.

Today we talk about human performance, Andy's philosophy on coaching and we give you practical tips on how to create real change in ANY behavior.,

If you're looking to improve your physical appearance or perform at a higher level, This podcast is for you!

Check out Andy's work on Facebook or his gym BCI Sports Performance!