Bernie Landoz - How We Control a World of 6B People

Conspiracy Theory is just a theory? This podcast series is the audio track from the abridged version of Bernie's series of videos on how he and his various constituents control governments and societies throughout the world.

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17) Controlling the Government

Updated a long time ago.

Tactics to distract people so they don’t pay attention to what the government is really doing on our behalf. This is a classic example of leverage - use pre-existing social movements to distract the population. How political parties evolve. The instrumental role of political parties in our control tactics. Tactics we use to control the election process so we always have our people in power to achieve our objectives. How powerful labels and branding is at distracting people. For example, Liberal vs. Conservative and other ways parties are branded. The importance of keeping things vague, pork (promises to your voters), and the importance of fear and war. Orchestrator level thinking: Don’t forget that we are putting on a show. Bernie answers the question was 911 a conspiracy. He emphasizes that we Orchestrators must be clear about the world around us, and live with positive energy so we don't contribute towards problems created by dogs and sheep.