Matt Vest vs His Friends

Listen as Matt Vest talks about all of life's issues with his friends. We won't always agree but in the end, we will always be friends. Check out the Facebook page, for all the updates. Follow us on Instagram, @mattvfriends.

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Ep.201-Trash Cans, Crosses and Boobs. (w/ Tara Hahn)

Updated 4 months ago.

This week I am joined by my friend, Tara Hahn. First, Tara talks about life in and out of her band and I tell you about my visit to Galaxy's Edge. Next, Tara tells me about her love for Disneyland trash cans and we discuss our general love of the Magic Kingdom. We also spend time chatting about a recent supreme court ruling on a World War 1 memorial. Our last topic is Target's policy on breastfeeding in their stores. We also play a song from Tara's band, Half Past Two. We play their version Somebody That I Use To Know.


1.) Supreme Court upholds cross on public land in Maryland

2.) Target hits the bullseye with policy allowing moms to breastfeed 'wherever'.