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Navigating Through a Business Crisis

Updated 3 months ago.

Earlier this year, Lori and I faced our own business crisis. During the fourth quarter of 2019, we’d planned to open a new, startup eCommerce business. This required quite a bit of planning and preparation. Our thinking back in November of 2019 was that we would be launching the new business around March or April of 2020.

Early this year, we put everything on hold to wait and see how the shutdown would affect our original plans.

It wasn’t until July that we recognized we had two basic options. We could ride out the rest of 2020 and basically put the new business on hold. Or we could redesign and repurpose what we were building and take it in a new direction.

We chose the latter because we’ve done enough “sitting around” in 2020. In today’s podcast, I want to talk about taking action and doing something new with your existing skills and tools. Sometimes, like the old saying goes, you have to turn the lemons into lemonade and sell it to a new market.