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At Crossroads, our motto is "No Perfect People Allowed". If that's you, you will fit right in. Crossroads is a church where broken people find healing in Christ, where we are learning to grow and love others, and where we are being inspired to share our passion for God with the world. Subscribe to our weekly messages here.

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One Week To Live - Part 6

Updated about 7 days ago.

What would you would do with one week to live? Some might view it as one last chance to do what they’ve always wanted to do - to eat a favorite meal, to check something off their bucket list, to rack up a bunch of debt, or more time to be with loved ones. It’s an interesting question because it reveals our priorities. With such little time, we would give thoughts and time to the things that matter most. As we explore Jesus’ last week on earth, we also will find the priorities that would likely surface in our last week, but also the purposes that are worth giving all of our lives to.