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At Crossroads, our motto is "No Perfect People Allowed". If that's you, you will fit right in. Crossroads is a church where broken people find healing in Christ, where we are learning to grow and love others, and where we are being inspired to share our passion for God with the world. Subscribe to our weekly messages here.

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Why Me, God? - Part 3

Updated about 8 days ago.

Many people ask God the question, “Why?” when they are suffering. In my experience, this question of “why” only further complicates and exacerbates the suffering one is experiencing because rarely is one able to see the answer in the middle of it all. Yet the truth is that all of us have had suffering in the past or will have suffering strike us in the future. It’s a fact of life. It’s a fact in the world we live in. Jesus told us this would be so. So, it is imperative that each of us answer the “why” question before we suffer so that when we suffer we will have the answer and so avoid exacerbating our suffering.