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At Crossroads, our motto is "No Perfect People Allowed". If that's you, you will fit right in. Crossroads is a church where broken people find healing in Christ, where we are learning to grow and love others, and where we are being inspired to share our passion for God with the world. Subscribe to our weekly messages here.

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Ephesians - Part 7

Updated about 16 days ago.

When it comes to caring for ourselves, we tend to focus on the outside - our fitness, our clothes, makeup and a host of other ways to keep ourselves looking good. Likewise, we also must be intentional about caring for our souls. When it comes to your inner self, it is fueled by what you believe. What you believe about God, and what you believe about yourself are key. They lay the foundation for how you think, what you desire, and how you live. God’s word shows us that living for Him isn’t primarily an issue of self-discipline and effort, but in how well we live out our identity found in Christ.