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The Tally Ho - The Prisoner episode 15: The Girl who was Death

Updated 7 months ago.

The Tally Ho welcomes you to The Village as we continue our journey through classic TV series The Prisoner. In this episode we look at The Girl who was Death, the fifteenth episode of The Prisoner.

In this comic caper, Number 6 spins a tall tale about a suave spy on the search for Schnipps (Kenneth Griffiths), a mad scientist with a Napoleon fixation who is intent on destroying London. The mysterious Mr X soon draws the attention of Sonia (Justine Lord), Schnipps' daughter, a glamorous psychopath who leaves a trail of deadly clues for her adversary to follow.

All is not as it seems in this surreal and quick-witted instalment of The Prisoner. Join us as we discuss the many nods to classic spy-fi of the era that are packed into the show, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it prop cameo from another British series, and exactly where Sonia's incredible quick change wardrobe is hiding in all the madness.

We are then joined once again by Rob Fairclough to discuss why The Girl who was Death is one of his favourite episodes!

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