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All aboard the Video Game Choo Choo! Next stop, videogame industry commentary with your favorite conductors John, Janie, Elvie, Scott, Trixie, Walker, Solon, Zack, Spencer, Rose, and Niall!

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VGCC Episode 163: The Gamer's Caviar

Updated a long time ago.

Michael is on vacation so things are ready to go completly off the rails for Chooch 163! Ryan got involved in a killing game on a cruise ship, Scott still has nightmares about Emerald Weapon, and the Chooch team finally has some of those shiny new Switch systems! Destony 2 is officially on the way, Starcraft is being remastered, Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new extended free trial, Red Dead 2 may have a release date, and Ryan dotes up a cat.

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