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A Quiet Place | Part 2: At The Movies

Liquid Church Message Video


A Quiet Place | Part 2: At The Movies

Updated 2 months ago.

As part of Liquid Church’s annual At The Movies series, in this message Pastor Tim Lucas highlights spiritual themes found throughout the suspense thrillers A Quiet Place Part I and A Quiet Place Part II. While you may be skeptical thinking that thriller movies featuring aliens hunting a family from Upstate New York would be anything but scary... think again!

From the family making sacrifices to save a tiny, defenseless baby, to elevating a young woman with a disability and even featuring an ultimate act of sacrificial love, there is so much to find when you watch these movies from a spiritual lense. Don’t be mistaken - this is a thriller, so it is an intense movie not suitable for young kids - but the overarching themes of family and faith, hope and sacrifice, and the bravery of risking your life to save people from desperate situations make these movies redemption stories.

At The Movies is an annual series by Liquid Church where we explore the truths behind Hollywood’s greatest movies and TV shows. Scripture says that Jesus taught in parables, which were short stories that contained spiritual truths. We pray that this fun message series will help you connect to God’s word!
"This message features short clips from the critically acclaimed films A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II, which were produced by Paramount Pictures and are streaming on Paramount+. No copyright is claimed for A Quiet Place or A Quiet Place II, and we assert that use of the short clips within this sermon is permissible under fair use principles in U.S. copyright law.”
At The Movies 2021 Series | Tim Lucas | Liquid Church

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