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Choochagatari Episode 20: Choochangelion

Updated a long time ago.

Even though Rose is out, the train keeps rolling on Choochagatari! This time, the crew discusses the legendary anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, pouring over its themes, its mood, and its history! We talked for an hour, and it feels like we barely started. Then, we check in with Trixie about Anime Expo, Elvie laments Fruits Basket's problems, John gives up on Magical Senpai, and the stone age rages on.

This week's music includes "Cruel Angel's Thesis", the main theme of Evangelion, "Thanatos (If I Can't Be Yours), the credits theme from End of Evangelion, "Fly Me To The Moon (Instrumental)" from Eva, and "Next Episode", also, of course, from Evangelion.

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