Staying Sane In The Music Game

Thee podcasts are powered by the book Staying Sane In The Music Game by Musician, Music Manager and Author Brett Leboff. In these podcasts we have long form discussion with experienced musicians and music business professionals, trying to dig deep into the issues of how to prevent, contain and manage our own insanity! It is only by admitting our madness, flaws and issues and having the conversation, that we can begin to transform ourselves. What better way than to find out how some of the best pros in the business have managed? There will be entertaining stories, insight and conversations that get right inside and behind the scenes of everyday life in the music business. We will also discuss the whys and hows of Staying Sane In The Music Game. For more info and to find links to the book available in all the usual outlets worldwide (on AUDIOBOOK, PHYSICAL AND KINDLE) go to:

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Loading - #2 John Railton

Updated 3 months ago.

In this episode of the podcast Brett Leboff talks to John Railton AKA 'Rails', who has tour managed some of the biggest names in music across the world. BUT on top of that has toured the world himself playing Bass in bands. Many times, he tour managed the band AND played Bass! We go behind the scenes of that lifestyle and some of the bands he has worked with. We go under the hood and really delve into the highs and lows of that role and that live. It was a fun chat and again it follows our long form conversation parameter that means we can really get into details without feeling rushed.
This Podcast is powered by the book 'Staying Sane In The Music Game. Available in Physical format as well as Audiobook from all the usual outlets including Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. For more info and direct links to the book: