Staying Sane In The Music Game

One of the main problems in the music industry is that we who live and work within it, don't readily admit to our ‘madness’, but looking at the path we've chosen - to invest ourselves in this world of slim chances and cut-throat deals - there has to be a little madness, right? “We're not mad,” I hear you all cry, “we're musicians!” But however you cut it, staying sane in such a competitive and ruthless industry is not straightforward. Trust me, I am speaking from experience - I am not ‘sane’ - and almost every artist I have worked with would say the same about themselves. This particular and beautiful form of 'insanity' characterises many music professionals today and, once we admit this to ourselves, we can openly explore the issues and reasons surrounding why and how we are mad! Once we've done that we can begin the journey of learning to manage ourselves within a specific framework that acknowledges and accounts for our eccentricities; building on them and affording us happier and more organised lives amid the inevitable chaos. Or, we could just pretend we're OK, bury our feelings deep and await the inevitable explosion as the pressure of self-loathing and neuroses builds over time in a half-hidden part of our personality that, actually, others can see only too easily. But self-destruction is not a good look! That is the reason for the book 'Staying Sane In The Music Game' and this podcast channel. It’s a way for us to begin having the open and honest conversations we need to reveal a path of radical change and personal growth. My work in the music industry has led me into many dark and tumultuous places and from each one I’ve learnt valuable and enduring insights which I have picked apart carefully and put back together into a guiding framework and structure that you can use, your way, to live your unconventional life without too much trial and error. Musicians and business professionals alike are exposed systematically to extreme behaviours, attitudes and situations all of which will require a tenacious mind and acute awareness to identify, harness and thrive from. This book will give you the mindset and tools to do just that. We will be speaking to high level pros in the music business and musicians to discuss these topics and their journeys. Through these conversations and the tools and rituals in the book we can all grow and learn and make ourselves more resilient. Here’s to Staying Sane! The BOOK, KINDLE AND AUDIOBOOK is available in all the usual stores and out in all the usual stores now. For more info and all the links go to:

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Updated 12 months ago.

In this episode of the podcast Brett Leboff talks to John Railton AKA 'Rails', who has tour managed some of the biggest names in music across the world. BUT on top of that has toured the world himself playing Bass in bands. Many times, he tour managed the band AND played Bass! We go behind the scenes of that lifestyle and some of the bands he has worked with. We go under the hood and really delve into the highs and lows of that role and that live. It was a fun chat and again it follows our long form conversation parameter that means we can really get into details without feeling rushed.
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