Pj And The Gang

An unscripted podcast where a group of friends try to make each other laugh by being totally inappropriate. Telling weird stories and bad jokes involving real life experiences, gaming, music, movies and making fun of each other. (FYI we record from all different states)

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149. Cweaty Sunt

Updated a long time ago.

Whom would you rather meet in a dark alley: Carrot Top, Lion-O, a hybrid of the two, or a visual of what a Rubber Cement Diaper is? Well we prefer a straight fight, so bring'em all on at once! 

Join the throng with Pj, Wookiee and Brazen! Don't be a B like the rest of the gang this week! (OK Reaper and Kat have a valid reason for absence, but the others? Bunch of lowlifes!)

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