From 1 to 70

Welcome to the realms radio network! This show is all about the World of Warcraft MMO and card game. We plan on taking you from the very beginnings of deck design and character leveling until you too are winning tournaments and raiding Karazhan. So please join our hosts Althalas, and Savaged Puck as we adventure through the World of Warcraft!

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Wow: From 1 to 70 Episode 34: Shamans

Updated a long time ago.

In the Fallout Shelter Studios!

MMO: Shamans! What the best specs and gear are for your leveling needs.

TCG: A deck review and Magtheridons loot.


Submitted deck:

Omedus the Punisher

4x Shadow word: Pain
4x Mind Blast
2x Mind Control
4x Shadowform
4x Mind Spike
4x Heal
4x Fall back

4x Samuel Grey
4x Misa the Putrid
4x Confessor Mildred
4x Ohelia Barrows
4x Karkas Deathhowl

4x Zapped Giants
4x It's a secret to everybody
4x Chasing A-Me 01

Side Deck:
3x Dispel
4x Shattering Blow
1x Burn away
2x Call the Spirit

Suggested deck:

Omedus the Punisher

4x Shadow Fiend
4x Morlug Soulslaver
4x Bloodsoul
4x Magister Ashi
4x Broan Charges the fight
4x Voss treebender
2x Kiana De'nara

4x Mental Anguish
4x Mind Spike
3x Soul Rend
3x Shadow Word: Death
3x Shadow Weaving

4x One Draenei's Junk..
4x Toreks Assault
3x Falling to Corruption
3x Finkle, Einhorn at your service
2x It's a secret to everybody