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“Mozelleology” is a podcast full of eclectic information. Personally, I absolutely LOVE learning about new things… even if I do not agree with them or they seem “out there”. At the very least, what I hear feeds my brain, otherwise I feel like I’m wasting valuable time. So as I share interesting topics with my listeners, I just ask that you keep an open mind. You just never know what you could learn, and what could change your life or the life of someone you love. While some of my episodes may inspire you and others may turn you off completely, I am pretty certain about one thing… listening to this podcast will provide you with great topics for conversation. If you are ever at a loss for words or stuck in an awkward moment, just say, “Hey guess what I heard on the Mozelleology podcast today…?” because for years I have said, “Knowledge is worthless unless it’s shared”. So... start sharing @

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Expectations: Yay or Nay?

Updated 8 months ago.

Buddhists often talk about the "wanting mind" and how having expectations is at the root of our humanistic experiences, especially suffering. However, can we really go through life without expectations? Are we running aimlessly without expectations? What if I never expected myself to success or never expected the brakes in my car to work? Without expectations, do we become paranoid of nothing working out? In this episode, Mozelle shares her insight on "planning" and "preparing"... keeping it real.