Good Morning Grandmas

Some say 7:30 AM on Mondays is an unreasonable hour to meet, but co-hosts Danielle Carroll and Karen Frances are wide awake! Join these introverts who live in “the city that never” on a chuckle-inducing frolic through the important things in life: fame, fortune, and breakfast sandwiches. Guests on the show are required to meet them at 7:30 AM. It’s GOOD MORNING GRANDMAS! New episodes Wednesdays mornings.

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Episode 11 - Hello? It's a Mountainless Man from Ohio

Updated a long time ago.

The GMGs @grannypod are excited to bring in one half of Pod Boyz Productions, Drew Wilson aka Pod Drew. As they find out what he knows about the grandmas and to explore his passions on soul controlling. Also Danielle says sorry to her mom and Karen ate a chicken nugget.