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God & Hamilton | At The Movies, Part 1

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God & Hamilton | At The Movies, Part 1

Updated about 1 month ago.

How did Hamilton become so successful - and what does this hit musical and movie have to do with God and the Gospel? Behind the hip-hop music and the history of Alexander Hamilton’s life is a deep spiritual story that begins with an act of GRACE, exemplifies the power of FORGIVENESS, and ultimately, paints a portrait of REDEMPTION for our sins and shortcomings.

In part 1 of Liquid Church’s annual At The Movies series, Pastor Tim Lucas takes us on a journey through Founding Father Alexander Hamilton’s life as it is portrayed through the award-winning Broadway musical and Disney+ movie. The secret to this smash hit? Hamilton is a powerful story of spiritual redemption - and we when we hear God’s beautiful notes of grace throughout Hamilton’s life, our souls can’t help but sing along with it! Amen?

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